When You Buy Omega3 Will You Buy The Best?

When You Buy Omega3 Will You Buy The Best?

You buy Omega3 because of all the health benefits for:

*the heart

*the brain

*the joints

*the skin

*the immune system

*our vision

*aiding digestion

Omega 3 fatty acids are most potent in fish oil–a natural source. Because natural sources are the most effective way to introduce nutrients to your body, when you buy Omega3, make sure it is naturally sourced.

There are good fish oil and bad fish oil. Bad fish oil can come from eating fish that are contaminated with heavy metal toxins like mercury and PCBs. There are many of bodies of water where the fish caught should NOT be eaten and these contaminants also tend to concentrate in the fatty acids and should be avoided.

The best fish oil is processed pure is 100% free from any contaminants, has a low oxidation (decomposition) levels for freshness. It should also be in a natural form meaning natural triglyceride or ethyl ester form oil, not manufactured synthetically.

Omega3/DHA is a “Super” anti-inflammatory. Higher levels of DHA mean higher levels of action against the inflammation.

A blend of hoki oil and concentrated ester tuna oil, does something inexplicable, it more than doubles its anti-inflammatory action. This has been dubbed the “X-factor” because of this synergistic action.

When buying Omega 3 oils, you will want to look for this formula, which has 2 ” times the inflammation inhibition of normal fish oil and double that of highly refined and concentrated forms of it, according to studies done by “Trinity Bioactives”, part of Wellington School of Medicine in New Zealand.

inflammation Reduction is a big reason many choose to buy Omega 3. In the article “The secret killer” in Time Magazine (May 2004). They offer solutions like aspirin, Statins, Beta blockers and ACE inhibitors or you could just buy some Omega 3 fish oil. It is much stronger than aspirin, but is gentle on your stomach.

Now you can buy Omega 3/DHA in higher concentrations of anti-inflammatory then you can get by eating fish. Newer supplements on the market have some of the most highly effective fish oil concentrates, higher than normal fish oil that many people buy.

Brain function improves when you use Omega 3 fatty acids.

One of the most impressive clinical studies found Omega 3 fatty acids or fish oils taken on regular basis reduced the risk Alzheimer’s by 60%.

Daily supplements of Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil is recommend by the American Heart Association guidelines, because of proven heart health benefits.

In conclusion, when you buy Omega 3/DHA, and start taking it you will realize many health benefits, based on proven clinical studies. Look for Omega 3 in a concentrated supplement for from natural triglycerides, with high amounts of DHA for the best results.

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