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Seize The Kombucha
I haven''t had much experience with kombucha. What little exposure I have had is to Kombucha Wonder Drink, bottled flavored kombucha drinks that I found to be quite tasty. For more information, check out my reviews here, here, here, ...

btw, i must say...kombucha has got to be the most disgusting tasting drink ever. it tastes like fizzy fermenting fish juice. bassomatic plus club soda. it happened awhile ago, during a brief lunch stop at rainbow grocery in the City. ...

kombucha jokes
im pitching a kombucha buisness as part of a college competition, and the judges are likely to be bored by the ... anyone know any good kombucha jokes? my momma''s so fat she couldn''t make it through the doors to be here with us today. ...

Recipe Idea...
I just tried this one and really liked it: brew your kombucha normally, and when you feel it''s ready, remove the mother, pour the kombucha into a glass jug, jar, or bottle and add some of your favorite juices. I added a little grated, ...

plastic vs. metal
I have read that you should never store kombucha in plastic, as it will leach the chemicals. I have seen posts on this site refering to never letting kombucha touch metal. This is the first I have heard of this. I store mine in glass, ...

Re: Can you mail a mother?
baggies seem to be the most common way to send them. make sure you seal the edge airproof. instinctively, i would try a jar with a plastic lid (metal kills kombucha) putting the momma in with some old kombucha (vinegary with very little ...

Can you mail a mother?
I have a friend who lives in Virginia about six hours away. She really needs a mother so she can start some kombucha for her husband who has mouth cancer. Is there a way I could mail a mother and some kombucha to her?

Re: Sugars and Honey
So, what I know of the importance of white sugar, is that it is easily "digestible" by the Kombucha culture. Honey IS NOT reccomended, because it is harder to break down, but also because it is natural, and can contain it''s own bacteria ...

Sugars and Honey
I usually use processed white sugar when I make my kombucha and it always comes out great. A friend of mine uses honey and his never comes out very tasty. Is there a problem with using honey to make kombucha? ...

Re: First Brew/Post - Moldy Foam
Step... Stephanie. I think the point is that you don''t need to scoop out anything. That is not mold, that is the new kombucha baby forming!