What are the early Symptoms of Heart Disease?

What are the early Symptoms of Heart Disease?

What are the early symptoms of heart disease?

To understand the early symptoms of heart disease is a key role for early detection and early treatment. Heart disease is the common disease to harm the people, not only because of the high mortality, but also of the growth trend for incidence. In order to improve the knowledge of the disease, people should pay attention to the heart if have the following signals:

The early heart disease symptoms: tinnitus

In recent years, the researchers found that heart patients, especially the high blood pressure, heart disease, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, can appear tinnitus in different degrees, this is because the inner ear imperceptible blood-vessel change is more sensitive, abnormal on cardiovascular dynamics has not caused the whole body reaction, ears can be premonitory information. Therefore, middle-aged people over the age of 45 frequent tinnitus, if a week should go to a hospital checking in time.

Heart disease early symptoms: snoring

Fat people snoring. Of course, among them there have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart patients. at the end of 1980s,Scientists did 3 years follow-up research in 40-69 years – old man, divided them into long-term sustained snorers, snoring accidental and not snoring. Results show that the continuous long-term snorers numbers which have heart disease, stroke, is far more than other two kinds, Therefore, engaged in the research of expert professor, sleep snoring is the heart is still in the work of state, is warning signs of heart disease, this one should be used as the basis for diagnosis of heart disease. Therefore, if a man snoring for a long time, should be aware of cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease early symptoms: shoulder pain

Shoulder pain, if it is the elderly, will be more serious when dressing up. However, there are many heart disease patients also often has the phenomenon of shoulder pain, especially the left shoulder and left arm ache, is paroxysmal, and has nothing to do with climate. According to relevant data show that 65% of the coronary heart disease patient have shoulder pain, this is related to blood flow dynamics and the nerve to. So the elderly shoulder pain, especially the left shoulder pain penalized by, don’t simply put a piece of rheumatism paste, pay more attention to your heart.