Stretch marks from weightloss?

Stretch marks from weightloss?

Since February I have lost 27 pounds, and some of my many cruel stretch marks have faded. I have them everywhere, as I had tipped the scales at 215 at 5'3''ish. And I mean EVERYWHERE. ****, butt, upper legs, calves, thighs, arms, stomach. Everywhere. In some areas they have silvered. This week I stepped on the scale and noticed I had gained 2 random pounds, but I have just passed them off as bloating, because my period comes tomorrow. However, I looked in the mirror and saw the ones on my arms had turned a bit more pink at the ends of the silvery devils. I did some weight training on Tuesday, so I am hoping it's either that or the hormonal bloating, but does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks a million.


Tara Webb Answered:
No I'm sorry. But how did you lose 27 lbs!? I had a baby a yr ago & have only lost half my baby weight!

Tammie lpattison Pattison Answered:
Collagen can eat some of the rich with trotters, Rumex, etc.
Help to increase skin elasticity, relieve stretch marks.
Also tryUS-abdominal SO (MEIFUSO),
The product-specific agents to treat stretch marks,
Can fix the broken elastic fibers,
Treatment of stretch marks from the root up.

John Cena Answered:
Stretch marks are occur due to overstretching of skin.These are pink, red or purplish-blue lines that appear on the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Creams with vitamin E are often recommended and you can take advise of pharmacist.