Krill Oil Benefits

Krill Oil Benefits

Krill Oil is a very popular supplement. It’s on the media and is one of the most talked health subject. Find out why Krill oil is making headlines and featured in Fox News, Sky News, TV and daily mail. Is it because of Krill Oil benefits?

Find out about Krill oil benefits and how Awesome Krill Oil can help you to get good balance health, especially your cholesterol level, heart and cardiovascular system.

What is Krill oil?

krill oil benefits

Krill oil, as the name suggests, come from Krill, a species called Euphausia superba, which looks similar to shrimp or prawn from crustasean family.

It is rich in OMEGA3 fatty asids similar to fish oil and plenty of antioxidants! Krill oil is harvested from Antartica and was primarily used as feed for fish farms. Data from 2010 shown 2% of the harvested Krill are for human consumption.

Scientists had found out that Krill oil is very beneficial to our health. They had found out that Krill oil can help in number of the chronic and non-chronic diseases.

What can Krill Oil do for you?

Krill Oil can help with the following conditions.

  • Lyme disease – is a disease caused by a type of bacteria infection spread from blacklegged ticks. More information about this disease at PubMed Health
  • dysmenorrhea - research from University of Montreal shown significant reduction of uterine pain during menstruation in women
  • Heart disease – improve heart condition and cardiac functions
  • PMS – ease pain and symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndromes)
  • High cholesterol – reduce cholesterol and improve good/bad (HDL/LDL) cholesterol ratio, increase good cholesterol through OMEGA3
  • Arthritis – reduce joint pain and improve nervous system
  • stroke – antioxidants in Krill Oil responsible for lowering of the bad cholesterol (LDL)
krill oil benefit

Is Krill oil better than fish oil?

Krill oil is way better than normal traditional fish oil. The Awesome Krill Oil is even better, it is 48 times better than any OMEGA3 fish oil supplements.

Is Krill oil tested and proven to be safe and effective?

There are many researches carried out and proofs that it can help in many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, PMS, arthritis, cancers, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol.

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Awesome Krill Oil

Awesome krill oil is a dietary supplements that contains exceptionally high amount of OMEGA3, DHA, EPA and lots of antioxidants. It has 1000mg of ingredients per serving and receiving plenty of raving reviews and testimonials.

Here is one of the reviewers testimonial :

Highly recommended 5 stars rating

My name is Vincent and I live in Canada.

I’ve always had a hard time walking due to arthritis, but my daughter recommended that I try the Krill Oil supplement here at

I am feeling much more mobile now, and my walking has become much easier and without any pain. Finally, I am able to get out of the bed in the morning without any problems!

I would definitely recommend this product to others. I feel it has had a overall beneficial effect on a wide range of health issues, essepecially my joints and concentration. In fact, I have already recommended Krill Oil to few close friends.

I really like this product! Thank you.

Review by: Vincent B, Canada


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